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I Am Sad I Am Sad
21 May 2018 Jazzy Anne
I Am Sad - It's been a hot sec. I've been off of my upload schedule for a bit due to the desperate need for some time to rest. Throughout this time, however, I realized how ...
I Went Vegan For 24 Hours I Went Vegan For 24 Hours
06 May 2018 Jazzy Anne
I Went Vegan For 24 Hours - I know a few vegans in my life and they are thriving and living strong! But since it seems like such a big deal on the internet, I wanted to try it out a bit for myself.
How to Make Friends How to Make Friends
29 April 2018 Jazzy Anne
How to Make Friends - It's always great to thrive and have a good time, but why not try to thrive even a bit more with some extra pals in your life! Majority of this video is a joke and I ...
Wreck This Journal Wreck This Journal
15 April 2018 Jazzy Anne
Wreck This Journal - For some reason you guys really enjoy watching me try to make art... even though several times I've proven that it's not a strong skill of mine AT ALL. I found my ...
Following WikiHow Tutorials Following WikiHow Tutorials
23 April 2018 Jazzy Anne
Following WikiHow Tutorials - Wasting time on WikiHow is one of my favorite pastimes.. so why not bring it on to my channel? This is mainly a joke as the majority of people know that WikiHow ...
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